Queens County Independent Practice Association

Physician Resources

» Our goal is to ultimately provide our  member physicians with a broad diverse portfolio of enhanced rate contracts:

·     Medicare Advantage Contracts
Commercial Insurance contracts

·     Achieve ACO status for Medicare and Medicaid patients
  »We are currently offering:
  • 5 new Medicare Advantage contracts with shared savings:6 new Medicaid HMO contracts with enhanced rates
  • 1 new Managed Long Term Care contract
  • Now, a new Accountable Care Organization ("ACO") Opportunity:
                 The Accountable Care Coalition of Queens County New York, LLC
                                Please contact us as soon as possible to become part of the ACO.
  • Enhanced capitated fees for our PCPs
  • Enhanced fee-for-service reimbursements for our specialists
  »We provide contracts directly negotiated with high-quality insurers
  • Better payment rates
  • Many of our plans eliminate billing overhead 
  • Spend time with patients not insurers

Please contact Brian Tartell, our Executive Director to learn more about the new enhanced contract opportunities and our new ACO opportunity: